Thai Table Manners 

Fork and spoon are traditional in Thailand, never a knife and if you need to cut things they use the side of spoon and fork to pull and split. Also just because Thailand is an Asian country, chopsticks are not commonly used except if eating in Chinese restaurant so don’t think they were forgotten at the table. Western culture it is usually the fork in the dominate hand, however Thais will always use that hand for the Thai spoon and fork just to push food onto the spoon.


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Thai Style Dining

Where Food it's meant to be shared and Fun is a must!

"Chai" is a Thai word and it means "Yes" in Thai language.


        In Thai culture, dining is sharing food like western family-style but Thais make the experience a joyful one for sure. Thai’s are fun and very easy going when it comes to eating because it usually is a big event. If you see a documentary about Thai life style, you will notice they always speak about the street food; this is because Thai’s can and will snack all day. The phrase “anytime, anywhere, and cheap” was directly referencing Thai street food and to this day would be anyone’s greatest adventure. Should you ever visit Thailand or dine at Thai restaurant, you may be asked to share dishes but whether you do is up to you. Thai people are not offended easily if you do not understand their dining etiquette.