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Chai Thai


           There is little known here in the West of Thai Cuisine, so Chai Thai is excited to bring some of the greatest SouthEast culinary delights for you to enjoy, THAI FOOD

            Therefore we focus on using only the freshest ingredients, prepared to tradition with modern twists at the highest standards!  Also our service will be unmatched, as Thai culture is very serious about sharing and enjoying food. 

           If you are looking for a unique dining experience, superb culinary experience where the whole family can enjoy ........
                         Make your reservation today!



Business Hour

Tuesday                  04.00 pm  -  08.30 pm


Wednesday           04.00 pm  -  08.30 pm

Thursday               11.30 am  -  02.30 pm

                               04.30 pm  -  08.30 pm

Friday                   12.00 pm   -  08.30 pm


Saturday               12.00 pm   -  08.30 pm

Sunday                  12.00 pm   -  08.30 pm

                        Monday Closed


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Tel: 815-782-5454  | Fax: 815-752-5744

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